About us

The vision, the passion and the people behind The Chatbot Agency

Mike Hillsdon

The Chatbot Builder

Mike is the ideas man and the sales & marketing implementor! Mike's passion and desire is to build solutions that empowers people to manage their business Online, in Social and on Mobile - but at a cost which is affordable for small businesses.

Silvio Porcellana

The Developer

Serial entrepreneur, HTML geek and PHP freak, Silvio conceived MyBiz.siteThe  with one goal in mind: bring the mobile web revolution to everyone's phone, computer and business.

The ChatBot Agency

We Build Chatbots!

With over 2 Billion users on Facebook and of those 1.3 Billion are actively using Facebook messenger, a business really needs to be responsive on the platform or be left behind.

We help Small Business & Real Estate Agents/Agencies get the most out of the Facebook platform and generating leads & engaging with their clients

"The time is now to put your effort into building your Facebook Messenger list"

What we are really good at;

Chatbots & Funnels

Facebook Ads

Facebook Strategy

Social Auctions

Social Commerce

Mobile Marketing

Very cool websites

eCommerce Websites

Not Using Facebook and Chatbots - Then Don't Say No One Told You So!

Those Who Chatbot First, Will Win!