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We are a Facebook Messenger management & development agency that can help you build complex, effective and complete chatbots based on your business requirements and outcomes.

We have been developing & implementing digital marketing solutions since 1997 on both Mobile and Social Media for Real Estate & Small to Medium Sized Business.

Mike Hillsdon, the co-founder behind the Chatbot Agency was a co-founder of the first ever artificial intelligence enabled social media site called "Planet Colony" in 1997 - it was way before it's time, and Zuck would of just started high school at the time!

If you have custom needs for your chatbot or, you want to integrate it with specific platforms and tools or, you need some tailor-made features or, you are looking for a strategic consultancy from the experts - fill the form, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to discuss together how we can help you reach your goals and solve your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot is basically a list of messages that get automatically sent to the user when he types one of the "keywords" that you have linked to that specific reply. A "trigger/reply" is exactly this - each combination of keyword/answer that you add to your chatbot

We like to get this one out of the way early so everyone knows the position.

In short, the answer is No - we are a Messenger Marketing company that provides Chatbot design and a Chatbot Agency Platform subscription service - there are plenty of outher companies where I am sure you can get a chatbot builder for free! We are all about business, and businesses cannot live fresh air unless of course they are funded by VC's who like to burn their money on hope!

Please allow up to one week to get your ChatBot ready - it will be dependent on the current workload in the pipeline!

For the listing bots, we will turn this around within 24 hours so, get your photos and details to us before you go live on the Portals. We will provide a form for you to upload!

Once we have agreed on the kind of Chatbot we are building and we have all the relevant content we need to build it, we will invoice you straight away and you can pay by credit card which will go through our Stripe payment gateway or you can make a bank transfer. Once we receive confirmation that payment has been made we will start working on your order. Depending on the process after we complete your chatbot (Managed or Non Managed), you will be setup to pay monthly!

Once we sign off and your chatbot is live and tested and if you really really to change something, we will charge you a minimum change fee of $70 and provide a quote for anything a bit bigger. Please note that our managed clients come first and have the majority of this covered under the managament plan, which again is priced based on what services we provide and agree with our clients.

Yes, for sure - check out the Chatbot demo's on our Chatbot Page - watch these and play with the demos to find out what kind of chatbot you would like for your business or service.

As soon as we finish building your chatbot and it goes live, we will email you a link for your monthly subscription payments.

We would prefer that you don't start paying for your subscription payments until your Chatbot is finished! We play fair!