Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

Don't just take our word for it! See what our clients have to say:

Sarah D'Ardenne</br>Marketing Agency Owner

Sarah D'Ardenne
Marketing Agency Owner

"The Chatbot Agency has been an invaluable partner for our lead generation business over the past 6 years. With their expertise in Facebook and Messenger strategy, we have successfully utilised their website builder for search traffic and Messenger Ad campaigns for Facebook traffic. Thanks to their support, implementing the Messenger campaign resulted in a continuous flow of leads to our Inbox, enabling our team to schedule appointments promptly. When it comes to Facebook, I trust and rely on Mike from the Chatbot Agency. He is a true legend!"

Jason Akermanis</br>Real Estate Principal

Jason Akermanis
Real Estate Principal

"The Chatbot Agency, led by Mike, transformed my online presence. They showed me the power of Facebook and Messenger as effective lead generation and client nurturing tools. With their help, I utilised Messenger Marketing to build my Facebook Business profile and database. The results were astounding - starting conversations in Messenger for just over $2, we captured nearly 3,000 leads. My business was forever changed. I highly recommend their exceptional services."

Gen Raj</br>Nurturing Brain Potential

Gen Raj
Nurturing Brain Potential

"Launching my business to help children with various conditions was made easy with Chatbot Agency. They handled everything from setting up my custom domain, email, website, and Google & Facebook pages and even onboarded my paid course. Within hours of our website launch, we had new leads pouring in. Now, with a waiting list of over 6 months, we needed to create a course for parents in need. I also wrote a book, and with one login and a monthly subscription, I can access all these assets. Chatbot Agency is now our go-to resource for branding and promoting our clinic effortlessly. "

Simon Black</br>Australian Rules Academy

Simon Black
Australian Rules Academy

"Running Facebook Ads for our Aussie Rules Academy wasn't working well due to algorithm changes on the platform. We caught up with Mike and came up with a strategy around building up some content that fits well with our brand. Chatbot Agency helped us create engaging content and built a chatbot to drive traffic to our Messenger Inbox. This strategy paid off as we built our Messenger list and now deliver personalised ads to past visitors. Chatbot Agency thinks outside the box and can help you do things differently. Confidence in their expertise is guaranteed."

Jess Ricketts</br>Digital Agency Owner

Jess Ricketts
Digital Agency Owner

"I have been one of the original Agency licensees of AdsThatChat platform owned by the Chatbot Agency. I run a social media advertising agency and specialise in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and social media strategy.  My clients used to use ManyChat, until Mike showed me what the AdsThatChat Chatbot Builder was capable of. We then converted all clients across to the AdsThatChat. I have been getting great lead generation results by implementing Messenger campaigns and traditional ads that go directly to webviews. Messenger Ads are now starting to become the new objective on Facebook, so getting in early with Messenger Chatbots means I am way ahead of the curve right now."

John Hellaby</br>Digital Agency Owner

John Hellaby
Digital Agency Owner

"Mike built a chatbot for my client - who were over the moon. I then started to investigate how we managed campaigns for our pool of real estate clients; and being a certified Facebook marketing professional, saw how Mikes campaigns could run with a chatbot connected – increasing success rates. I liked the ability of building chatbot funnels to build up Messenger lists, that generate appraisals and listing leads, whilst using the massive engagement generated to build the best custom audiences to retarget later. My staff are now all trained up to do all this instead of myself and have since taken up the role of CEO for Market Buy, which is an online auction platform for real estate sales."

Therese Tarlinton</br>Author

Therese Tarlinton

"As an author, I understood the importance of a successful book launch. Chatbot Agency helped me achieve this by creating a website with multiple landing pages and a Messenger chatbot within a week. They also provided a platform for building a course. Within 1 week of my brief, Chatbot Agency built the site, so we could launch the book and the course together. The chatbot handled inquiries and appointments, all for a single monthly fee. I highly recommend their user-friendly platform and the Agency's guidance through the process!"

Lukas Pedder</br>Real Estate Agent

Lukas Pedder
Real Estate Agent

"Thanks to the training provided by the Chatbot Agency, I now understand how to do Messenger Marketing myself. Their easy-to-follow instructions and support have given me the confidence to take control of my Facebook Business profile. Since implementing their strategies, I have experienced a significant increase in listings, going from 2 per month to 2-3 per week. With every 100 chatbot engagements, we convert 10-12 people into our CRM, provide 4-5 appraisals, and list 1 property. I no longer rely on traditional marketing or cold calls - everything happens on Messenger!"

Alyson Poole</br>Bronzed Brazilian Beauty Clinic

Alyson Poole
Bronzed Brazilian Beauty Clinic

"As a business owner in a competitive social media field, I was falling behind my competitors. I tried numerous unsuccessful campaigns before I asked for recommendations on a Facebook Business page about Chatbots etc. and had several people recommend Mike from the Chatbot Agency. Mike's honest approach gave me hope. With just one campaign, I had 22 appointments in 2 days. Now, I'm working on a Facebook MMS strategy with him. Finally, someone who delivers what they promise. Highly recommended!"

Gavin Wrigley</br>Entrepreneur

Gavin Wrigley

"We've had the opportunity to use Chatbot Agency on a regular basis and found them to be the best in their field which has been reflected not only in an increase of qualified leads, but a higher conversion rate which has been a win win for all concerned! Highly recommended!!"

Nicole Green</br>Finance Broker

Nicole Green
Finance Broker

"Chatbot Agency transformed my online presence with an awesome professional website, integrated Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign all tied together with their Chatbot technology built to deliver new business and leads! Great team and lots of support - thank you!"

Glen Stevens</br>Real Estate Principal

Glen Stevens
Real Estate Principal

"I had been thinking of working with Mike on this for some time. Now I just want to know why I didn’t we do this earlier – its amazing, 1st appraisal came in within 24 hours from when we flicked the switch! We hadn't even ramped up the campaigns yet. Thanks Mike"

Elle Butler</br>Digital Marketing Agency

Elle Butler
Digital Marketing Agency

"Love the professionalism and ease that Mike's Chatbots have. Creating a conversation stream is simple and effective. Especially love that all data is stored securely in Australia, so it can be used for the finance and property industries safely. We love creating them for our clients."

Stuart Bayliss</br>Finance Broker

Stuart Bayliss
Finance Broker

"I've used Mike and his team for my social presence for some time now and they are really easy to deal with, personal service and fair prices for the work. I highly recommend them."

Carol Spalding,</br>Real Estate Agent

Carol Spalding,
Real Estate Agent

"I have dealt with Mike for several property listings and I must say it has generated incredible interest! Thank you Mike for your assistance, always a pleasure dealing with you."

Peter Forbes</br>Real Estate Principal

Peter Forbes
Real Estate Principal

"Mike From Chatbot Agency knows what he is doing and his products worked for me very well at a time when I needed to stand out from the rest in my field."

Karen Meldrum</br>Executive Assistant

Karen Meldrum
Executive Assistant

"Love working with Mike. Easy to understand, actions reqests quickly and explains tech in a easy to understand way! 👌 "

Area Specialist Official</br>Real Estate Brand

Area Specialist Official
Real Estate Brand

"Mike is current, so efficient and helpful! Chatbot Agency has been a great compliment to our agents and business - highly recommended."

Levi Turner</br>Real Estate Principal

Levi Turner
Real Estate Principal

"With the help of the Chatbot Agency, we've experienced phenomenal results and a cutting-edge user experience for our sellers and buyers. The affordable investment in our Facebook campaigns has led to an average of 15 appraisals and 4 new listings per month. Real Estate Bots, led by Mike, has implemented and systemised our social media strategy, resulting in huge success. Highly recommended!"

Adrian Robertshaw</br>Small Business Owner

Adrian Robertshaw
Small Business Owner

"Mike and his team are amazing in what they do with website, chatbot messenger marketing and constructing powerful add campaigns. Mike is a down to earth bloke and have always found him and his team very easy to deal with and ethical. Would recommend him and his agency to any business trying to grow its online presence."

James McNamara</br>Marketing Consultant

James McNamara
Marketing Consultant

"Mike knows Facebook! With a uniquely down to earth style, Mike can build a database of prospects and establish a flow of quality leads for your business. Through his Chatbot Agency, Mike puts the power of automation and artificial intelligence to work for you in your business. Best of all, Mike works his tail off to make sure that everything works for you. You can’t go wrong with Mike!"

Bearded Petrol Head</br>Videograper

Bearded Petrol Head

"I can't recommend the Chatbot Agency enough for what they have done for our business. We have a complete platform that works so well, a website, and a Facebook marketing set-up that works super well. Don't keep wasting money on Ads until you talk to these guys. The biggest thing we love is that all the data is kept in Australia, unlike others. Keep up the great work, guys!"

Andrew Robertson</br>Worldwide Printing

Andrew Robertson
Worldwide Printing

"Cutting edge digital funnels that operate automatically!!! The next generation of lead generation and nurturing is here now!!!"

Greg Walter</br>E-Commerce Consultant

Greg Walter
E-Commerce Consultant

"Simple, easy and our most effective marketing / communications model. Also our most cost effective."

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we engage as your digital marketing partner, we have a questionnaire and worksheets you will need to complete for us to better understand where your business is right now so we can prepare for the initial consultation.

As part of the strategy and implementation, we want to make sure that you own the following assets so that to get your business live online doing what it should be, you need to own the following assets either under your own name or your business's name;

  • Domain name
  • Business Email Address
  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Business Page
  • Meta Business Manager
  • Facebook Ads Account
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Business Profile
  • Google Business Account
  • Google Analytics Account
  • YouTube Business Channel
  • Logos and copyright content
  • Website if you have one

Please ensure you also have usernames and passwords for any of these accounts that your business currently uses - don't worry if you haven't got all these set up, we can assist you with that.

The 3rd party online services you need to have accounts with are the following;

  • Domain name Registry, i.e. GoDaddy
  • Email Address with your business name
  • Facebook Personal Profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Business Page
  • Meta Business Suite
  • Meta Business Manager
    • Meta Ads Account
    • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Business Profile
    • Google Business Account
    • Google Analytics
  • YouTube Business Channel


When you're ready, complete the following form, and we will send through the worksheet to complete.


We can set these up if you still need any of these setup. However, you will need to store your usernames and passwords in a safe place - that's one of your responsibilities

For any type of website, you are going to need the following so we can design and set up the 3rd party links and integrations.

  • Images - Logos
  • Images - Services+
  • Images - Profile and Office
  • Content - Pages and Sections
  • Client Testimonials
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Blogs
  • Auto-Response form questions
  • Contact Details


When you're ready, just complete the following form, and we will send through the worksheet to complete.


Yes, Messenger marketing can indeed help boost conversions and sales. One of the main pain points businesses face is engaging with their audience effectively and converting them into customers. Messenger marketing addresses this by offering targeted strategies that result in improved engagement, personalized messaging, increased conversions, and valuable data insights.


Traditional marketing channels often struggle to capture the attention of consumers bombarded with numerous advertisements daily. However, Messenger marketing cuts through the noise by delivering messages directly to users' Messenger apps, which are already active and engaged. This increases the chances of your messages being seen and acted upon.


With targeted strategies, you can tailor your messages to specific segments of your audience, ensuring that they receive content that is relevant and valuable to them. By delivering timely and contextual messages, you can create a more personalised and memorable experience for your audience. This level of personalisation can lead to increased brand awareness, loyalty, and, ultimately, more conversions.


Moreover, Messenger marketing provides valuable data insights. By analyzing user behaviour, preferences, and interactions, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience. This data can be used to refine your marketing campaigns, further, personalise your messages, and optimise your conversion strategies. It allows you to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your marketing efforts.


By incorporating targeted strategies in Messenger marketing, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level and stand out from the competition. You can build a relationship of trust and rapport with your customers, providing them with relevant information and offers that meet their needs and preferences. This leads to higher conversion rates and increased sales.


In conclusion, Messenger marketing offers several benefits for businesses, including improved engagement, personalised messaging, increased conversions, and valuable data insights. By leveraging targeted strategies, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, stand out from the competition, and ultimately boost your conversions and sales.

To get started with Chatbot Agency, here's what you're going to need; 

  • Select a chatbot that suits your business from the demos page
  • Facebook Personal Profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Chatbot Agency user account
  • Google Business Account
  • Business Email Address
  • Images - Logos
  • Images - Services
  • List of up to 6 Services
  • Any PDF downloads you want to share
  • Business Contact Details
  • Website for Live Chat Implementation
  • A prize for a competition if you want to Turbocharge your leads


Please note: If another chatbot is connected to your page, we suggest you close the account with your current software provider and ensure you have disabled the get started and default replies.


When you're ready, complete the following form, and we will send through the worksheet to complete.

Messenger marketing is suitable for businesses of all sizes and verticals. Messenger Marketing is effective for business types such as Real Estate, Hospitality, Professional services such as accounting firms, Home services such as cleaning businesses, Sole trader services such as Book Keepers and business coaches, and alternative services such as Hypnotherapy. Messenger marketing addresses the pain points of traditional marketing by providing personalised, timely, and efficient communication. Sole Traders and Small businesses can benefit from the cost-effective nature of Messenger marketing, as it allows them to reach their target audience directly without the need for extensive advertising budgets. Larger businesses can leverage Messenger marketing to enhance their customer engagement and stand out from the competition. However, potential concerns may include the learning curve of implementing Messenger marketing strategies and the need for effective targeting to ensure messages are relevant to the audience. By addressing these concerns, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the advantages that Messenger marketing offers.

Have you heard the term "how long is a piece of string"?


This is the same for building a website or a Messenger chatbot.


We're able to speed up the process by using any one of our pre-built templates for your website or Messenger Chatbot, which we will recommend (that can be customised to your needs) as this will speed up the process and reduce the cost for you - but think days, not weeks or months.


Once we have the completed worksheet, and we arrange a time for the initial consultation we will have a better idea with a reasonable timeline to work towards.

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