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Includes FREE Chatbot set-up ($2,000 Value)

Lead Generation Funnels

  • General service enquiry
  • Contest/Competition
  • Santa - for Christmas re-engagement campaigns
  • Access to additional lead generation templates within the library

Automate your Facebook business page 24/7/365 and start the conversation!

Select the plan

  • $59+GST on a monthly subscription
  • $590+GST on an annual subscription
  • $797+GST for LIFETIME

Get to know who your customers are (by name) and. build your list, reengage with offers and increase sales using the most affordable and automated way to grow your business - Messenger Marketing!


We got you covered!

Did you know that 70% of the population in Australia is over the age of 25, and 85% are actively using Messenger!^


"Conversation is the new lead"


Q. So, how can you use Messenger marketing with a Chatbot to stay connected to your business?

A. Simple, start the conversation! 

How. Employ and train a Chatbot to handle these conversations for you 24/7/365


Here are a few tips to help you start the conversation:


Run a competition 

The fastest way to start conversations in Messenger is by running a competition. This can be an experience people would not necessarily go out and buy (but want to do), or something that can your business can package that also communicates to your new audience what it is that your business does.


Use Facebook Ads to Target Potential Clients

Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for targeting potential clients on Messenger. Creating personalised ads for your target audience can encourage them to opt-in to your Messenger list and start a conversation.


Follow Up Quickly

Following up quickly with potential customers to find out how you can help them, and drop in an offer of value to buy from you or try out your services. Ensure you respond to inquiries promptly and provide personalised follow-up based on a potential client's needs.


Get to know who your customers are (by name) and, most importantly, build your Messenger list so you can reach them directly for future promotions or offers!


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!




^ Footnote: Statistics used are sourced from

Australian Population https://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/australia-population 

Population Distribution https://www.statista.com/statistics/608088/australia-age-distribution/ 

Meta Ads Manager https://adsmanager.facebook.com/  - updated in audience size by Meta

We have a range of different lead generation funnels that you can add from within your subscription, such as;



These funnels are templated and easily added to the main Chatbot, which are available to you can add to your Chatbot for FREE, and have been designed for various marketing activities but are mainly used for running Facebook Ads and printing with QR Codes.


We include video tutorials for each on how to set up and where you should use them. Ultimately, it's all about adding more people to your Messenger list. Hence, you have an extensive list of subscribers to remarket to directly!


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



If you have the following, we are good to go with an Easy Business Chatbot!


  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Business Page with Business Suite Access
  • You will need to be the owner or admin of the page
  • Valid Credit card for your Chatbot Agency subscription


So, pick a plan below and register your account and get started!



To get your Easy Business Chatbot set up and running, we need to run through the following steps;


  1. You register and pay your subscription so that your account becomes active
  2. You book a time to onboard via Zoom - an email will be sent to book the appointment


When booking the appointment, you'll be asked to provide the following details;


  • Facebook Page
  • Website, and
  • Contact details
  • Then during the 15-minute onboarding session;


Then during the 15-minute onboarding session;

  1. Connect your Facebook profile with the Chatbot
  2. Connect your Business page to the Chatbot
  3. Walk you through changing some of the Messenger settings from your Business Suite


Then we go ahead and update your Chatbot, test it, and at that point, you're off and running, and you can start building your Messenger list.


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



The cost of setting up your Easy Business Chatbot ($2,000 value) is included once you have registered and paid for one of the following plans;


  • Monthly: $59+GST
  • Annual: $590+GST
  • Lifetime: $797+GST

You only pay if you want us to add additional functionality to the current template.

As part of the Easy Business Chatbot setup, we will install a greeting conversation with your contact details and links to your digital assets (such as website and Facebook Page), as well as the following lead generation funnels


  • General service enquiry
  • Contest/Competition
  • Christmas - Santa asks a few questions as part of a re-engagement campaign


Plus access to more conversational lead generation funnels you can add to the Chatbot yourself!


Your subscription also includes unlimited subscribers, and you can also build your website from our selection of 40+ templates.


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



Not only are our plans affordable but we've added a lot of value to all the plans!


We have been building Chatbots for the SME market since 2016 - so we know what we are doing. We want to share the power of Messenger Marketing with as many SMEs as possible who want to add spark to their presence on Facebook.


We can make these offers because we developed our own (believe it or not, we were one of the first) Chatbot Builder software platform. Then we designed the conversations, perfected the strategy (with the assistance of Meta) and streamlined many processes from a lot of paid client engagements over those years. Therefore, we can absorb the costs into a paid subscription that requires 15 minutes of your time to onboard a new subscriber - this means we are running at 100% efficiency and scalability that assists SMEs without incurring more considerable agency fees.


The 15-minute onboarding session is vital to enable us to offer these prices - if more time is required, it can only come down to the following things;


  1. You didn't turn up on time (we send multiple reminders), so it's imperative to be on time
  2. You have not done the tasks or have the necessary permission that is required before or during our onboarding session


Please ensure that you have everything ready - if we go over that 15 minutes, we reserve the right to charge a fee if your settings are not in order.


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



We can generally get your order done within 48 hours; however, there are some factors involved in delivering within that time frame, such as;


  • Your Chatbot Agency account activation
  • Booking in a time to onboard and you attend


If we have a massive backlog of orders, we will inform you of any delays during our onboarding session.


Please note: We build our client chatbots in Brisbane, Australia - this service is not outsourced overseas!


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



There are a couple of things your will need to do before we do the onboarding session;


  1. Disconnect and remove any 3rd party chat apps that may have been previously installed on your Business Page.
  2. Make sure your Facebook Page is active and that you're the owner or admin of the Page
  3. Access to your Business logo file to share with us on the onboarding session


Then for the onboarding session;


  1. Have Facebook open in one tab
  2. Be Logged in to your Chatbot Agency account in one tab
  3. Have your Facebook Business Page open in one tab
  4. Your Business logo file


And for the benefit of other clients that have sessions booked in, please take notice of the email and SMS reminders and be on time and have these items ready so that we can complete the job in 15 minutes - that's the reason we can provide a $2,000 chatbot build service for the cost of the subscription.


Once you have registered and paid for your account, please check your inbox for an email titled "Onboarding your Easy Business Chatbot" for the onboarding session link!


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



Once you're a registered and paid-up subscriber, all the training videos you need are available when you log into your account.


Here are some of the videos at your fingertips;


  • How to add your Chatbot to your website
  • How to find the link to add to your email signature
  • How to find the QR code to direct print or TV traffic into your Chatbot
    • Great for signboards, flyers and office windows
  • How to use the Send Message on your Facebook Posts
  • How to set up a "Comment to Message" automation natively in your Facebook Page Business Suite
  • How to order, resize and crop images using Canva (works on their Free Plan)
  • How to add extra conversation funnel templates and update in to your Chatbot
  • How to setup, target, create your ad copy and point the clicks to your Chatbot conversation from Facebook Ads Manager (within Meta Business Manager)
  • How to set up, target, and create your sponsored ad to reengage your audience with an exclusive offer.
  • The Messenger Marketing strategy overview 


As a Meta Marketing Partner, we are regularly informed on improvements and what is working on Meta's platforms that complement your Messenger Marketing - we will add these tips and tricks as a video with our paid-up subscribers regularly.


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



You have a number of options;


  • Extensive "Help & Support" section
  • Training & Best Practise Videos
  • Online support to report a bug
  • One on One training (Pay for service)


For any support enquiries regarding software bugs, you can reach out and add a ticket and we will investigate. Seeing Messenger chatbots are connected to Facebook, on the odd occasion Facebook sometimes does updates on their own platform which may cause an effect that affects all Messenger chatbots connected to Facebook - unfortunately, they are not known to let 3rd party software developers when they do this and for that matter (as you can imagine) is outside of our control.


In these circumstances, all we can do is provide a few things that you can do to circumvent any misbehaviour of your chatbot and if you're running ads at the time, the best thing to do is pause the ads you have running into Messenger.


For anything else, we have "Help & Support" within your account where we cover the functional and FAQ queries, and as part of your subscription, we also provide the "how to" and "best practice" videos. 


If you or you're team require one on one training in best practice and management of your Chatbot, then the Chatbot Agency of one of their partners can offer this on a pay-for-service basis.


If your account is being looked after under one of our Managed Services plans, we can do all this for you. 


So, pick a plan below, register your account and get started!



Once your Easy Business Chatbot is live, it's over to you to start building your Messenger by starting conversations with your customers.


There are many ways for you to get conversations started, such as;


  • Add the Chatbot to your website
  • Include a link to your Chatbot in your email footer
  • Use a QR Code on your print and marketing material - everyone knows how to use a QR code now!
  • Add a Send Message button to your Facebook Posts.
  • Setup a "Comment to Message" automation in your Facebook Page Business Suite
  • Run Facebook Ads to any conversation in your Chatbot and target Facebook and Instagram users.


Once you're a registered and paid-up subscriber, we have included all "how to" training videos to do these tasks yourself (or your assistant). 


If you would like assistance with your Messenger Marketing Strategy, don't hesitate to contact Mike for a paid session over Zoom below - he's been managing successful Messenger Marketing campaigns for Small Businesses since 2016. He knows all the Meta rules and best practices and what strategies work!

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