Chatbot Demos

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This conversation generates new home loan & refinance leads on tap!

All you need to get started lead forms, contact, market report + automation

Have exhibition visitors scan opt in with name, email and connect to MailChimp or email

For Direct Cellars members who host parties and meetups - your one stop tool!


For Sale, Just Sold, Market Report & Subscriptions, Open Homes, Appraisal & Buyer Forms

Residential property marketing automatically subscribes buyers and present open homes and inspections

Use this chatbot in conjunction with a Facebook ad campaign for more subscribers with buyer and help forms.

A Conversational funnel that segments buyers as to where they sit in the market at the time

A Conversational funnel that segments home sellers as to where they sit in the market at the time

Stay in your own home and have a development partner develop the rest of your property for you

Simple "Off the Plan" Listing to present the project and generate buyer leads

Designed for small to medium sized businesses that provide a menu of solutions, services & products.

For the larger European legal firm covering an extensive service to corporates and professionals

Build up membership, promote events, food & beer and provide contacts and directions

Showcase your IT services then collect and segment you prospect into a hot lead

Designed for family law firms to showcase their services to instigate an appointment to call

Designed for Digital Marketing Agencies to showcase their services and funnel through leads

A simple chatbot designed to showcase the services then qualify and set appointments

Conversational chatbot to showcase services then bring through the funnel for a callback appointment

Simple survey/feedback providing ratings from 1-5 with a coupon and simple redemption sequence

Carpet Cleaning chatbot showcasing service and a lead funnel for taking quotes and booking appointments


The professional agent chatbot combined with all real estate funnels combined into one - this rocks!

For the Agent that has his own printed book - this lead generation is collecting residential addresses for sellers

Combined Chatbot and Webview (Webpage in Messenger) for up to 20 images, mapping & lead forms

Combination Chatbot and Webview (Webpage in Messenger) building subscribers and linking to agent landing page

The New Build Marketing Bot is conversational that finds out exactly what the buyer wants and directs them to an agent 

Conversation lead funnel that setup appointments, download floor plans, project status, segment buyers

Make a reservation, get directions, get feedback, sell vouchers and take pizza orders using our food ordering widget

Order Coffee on the run, show the menu (not PDF) take reservations, events, show locations, and build subscriber list

For beauty salons and day spa business, showcase treatments, specials, sell products, and get feedback

Showcase each of your offerings, with the added value of a seperate funnel for each to use with FB Ads

Combined Chatbot and Webview (Webpage in Messenger) with boat details and lead forms

Showcase each of the services including workshops and events, leading into a lead to convert to client

Use to build up membership, then send a broadcast alert to chime in, build a team, and sell in the chatbot

Segment inbound patients, setup appointments, showcase treatments, generate call back leads & livechat

A conversational chatbot running through qualification process then into a lead form - smooth!!

Designed for Australian insurance professionals - conversational funnel that leads to online quote request

Combined Chatbot and Webview (Web page in Messenger) for lead generation strategies