Case Studies & News

Client Testimonial

Within 48 hours of going live Levi Turner from Bellarine Property booked 2 seller appointments

Social Media Coach shares Bot Strategy

Jessica Ricketts shares her real estate chatbot strategy

Chatbot Training

Sarah D'Ardenne takes 3 Hour Training and Generates Leads Immediately

Client Testimonial

Luke Walker Provides a Quick Snapshot on Real Estate Results

Client Testimonial

Real Estate Agents Lukas Pedder and Luke Walker from Mildura

Client Testimonial

Peter Forbes from #1 Property Centre owns Dalby

Client Interview

Why Luke Walker used Messenger Marketing when he started in Real Estate

Real Estate Prospecting with Chatbots

12 Month Real Estate Messenger Strategy - Facts & Results

Marketing Strategy

List and Sell Real Estate with Facebook Ads and Messenger Marketing

New Template Release

Updated Real Estate Agent Chatbot that does everything except make coffee :-)

Marketing Tip

Messenger Codes off the Signboard! A World First!

New Feature Release

Facebook Ads into Messenger plus a Webview

Marketing Tip

Quick Cheap Leads using Facebook Ads into Messenger

Marketing Tip

Using the Mobile Facebook Messenger App to Access Real Estate Listings