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Marketing Strategy

Social Media Coach Jessica Ricketts from JR Media shares Bot Strategy

Chatbot Training

Sarah D'Ardenne takes 3 Hour Training and Generates Leads Immediately

Client Testimonial

Luke Walker Provides a Quick Snapshot on Real Estate Results

Client Testimonial

Real Estate Agents Lukas Pedder and Luke Walker from Mildura

Client Testimonial

Peter Forbes from #1 Property Centre owns Dalby

Client Interview

Why Luke Walker used Messenger Marketing when he started in Real Estate

Case Study

12 Month Strategy recap and actual results!

Marketing Strategy

List and Sell Real Estate with Facebook Ads and Messenger Marketing

New Template Release

Updated Real Estate Agent Chatbot that does everything except make coffee :-)

Marketing Tip

Messenger Codes off the Signboard! A World First!

New Feature Release

Facebook Ads into Messenger plus a Webview

Marketing Tip

Quick Cheap Leads using Facebook Ads into Messenger

Marketing Tip

Using the Mobile Facebook Messenger App to Access Real Estate Listings