3 Key Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

Wondering why a chatbot should be your next marketing move?


Chatbot Agency

Well then! You're considering a Messenger Chatbot, huh? Let us run you through 3 (of many) key benefits of having a chatbot installed when it comes to your marketing spend.

So what is a Messenger Chatbot?

Good question. We developed our chatbots to be used for Facebook Messenger, for many reasons:

  • 1.93 billion active daily Facebook users
  • 2.91 billion active monthly Facebook users
  • 2.16 billion on Messenger
  • 98.5% of Facebook users on mobile
  • 200 million + active small business Facebook pages
  • 2 million + Messenger chatbots
  • Facebook advertiser growth is 10% yearly

Other than being built for Facebook Messenger first and foremost; our chatbots are customisable to your brand and tone of voice. They are easy to build with drag and drop templates; and are capable of handling FAQs, taking bookings, payments and handling support. Basically, they become a valuable team member to say the least.

What can I expect from installing a Messenger Chatbot?

There are numerous ways to employ a Messenger chatbot to assist your business and marketing needs. Here are some of our favourite benefits and possible uses:

Chatbots for sales and bookings:

Our chatbots can assist you in making higher sales and gaining more bookings; all through the clever use of our funnels. Whether you are looking to gain sign ups, encourage more payments on the spot, or nurture leads into sales; we have a funnel for you. These days, most clients and customers prefer to interact with something digital rather than call - so for service providers especially, a chatbot can help to nurture warm customer leads into sales.

Chatbots for handling FAQs:

Find that your customers are often asking the same questions as one another; despite having the information available on your website? Spending ages working your way through DMs and messages only to be repeating yourself over and over? Sounds like it could be time to program your Messenger chatbot with some of your most common business questions and answers; saving you time - and giving your customers instant satisfaction. 

Chatbots for Messenger list building:

Your messenger list is a powerful tool. Once somebody voluntarily interacts with your Messenger chatbot, they are added to your Facebook Messenger list, and can be re-targeted with specific messages and offers to nurture their journey into a customer. Think of this as email marketing - with a much higher view & click rate. 

Are you stuck with ways to utilise your chatbot to its full potential? Check out our Chatbot demos or book a call or training session with us today!