Creating Messenger Ads in the Meta Business Suite


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Let’s talk about Messenger Ads! 


If you've been on Facebook lately, you may have noticed a new type of ad popping up more frequently in your Messenger app. That's right, Meta allows businesses to place ads directly in Messenger! This is a huge opportunity for businesses just like yours to reach their target audiences in a new way.


If you have a Chatbot Agency chatbot installed, then Messenger ads are a no-brainer! They'll help to drive traffic to your chatbot, generate better quality leads, and keep your brand awareness growing. Messenger ads are still in the relatively early stages, so there's a lot of potential for growth and innovation, and that's always exciting. We can't wait to see what Meta comes up with next! 


New abilities for Messenger Ads when created within Meta Business Suite


Speaking of growth - our owner, Mike, was having his usual weekly catchup with our Facebook Rep, who let us know of some new features that have just become available when creating Messenger Ads in the Meta Business Suite. 


We’ve put together a handy video to explain how you too can create Messenger Ad campaigns within the Meta Suite. Our video below shows Mike creating a Messenger Ad for our Holiday Chatbot Giveaway - have you entered yet?!


Click the link below to enter, and you could win a fully customisable Messenger Chatbot for your business! Not only that, but we’ll throw in a Messenger Marketing strategy session with our owner the Chatbot Man himself; and a digital business card from MODC to help you capture leads on the fly, wherever you may be!


To enter the Holiday Chatbot Giveaway, click here!


Now, let’s get started with creating a Messenger Ad campaign in Meta Business Suite!