How Small Business Owners Can Leverage Messenger Chatbots to Increase Engagement and Boost Sales


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As a small business owner, you understand the importance of creating meaningful customer engagement. You know that it is essential to build a strong customer base to increase sales and grow your business. But how can you do this in a way that is cost-effective and time-efficient? The answer is to leverage messenger chatbots! Messenger chatbots are automated conversational chatbots that enable you to engage with customers in a personalised and interactive way. They can help you increase customer engagement, boost sales, and reduce customer service costs. Let's chat about it!



Benefits of messenger chatbots for small business owners


Messenger chatbots can help you build a deeper relationship with your customers by enabling you to create customised experiences. You can use messenger bots to offer customers exclusive deals, provide them with helpful information, and basically, solve their problems. You can also use Messenger bots to promote your products and services. For example, you could use them to send your customers coupons and product offers that they can redeem. Messenger bots can also help you improve customer retention. Instead of manually sending email sequences, you can use Messenger bots to send automated messages that help you retain your customers and increase their engagement with your brand. Typically, the click-through rate of chatbots is 15% to 60% compared to emails, which ranges from 5% to 10%.


How to set up a Messenger chatbot


Sign up with the Chatbot Agency platform - it's low-cost, beginner-friendly and comes with 60 customisable conversation funnels and small business templates. We provide education on how to get set up and started - or we can do it for you! Once you have a functional chatbot, you can start adding features to customise the user experience. You can add a support feature so that customers who need help with an issue can get in touch with you easily. You can add a shopping function so that you can offer customers exclusive deals and product offers. You can also add a persistent menu feature so that your customers can get answers to their FAQ in an instant. The best part? Your bot can be built to embody all the personalities of your business!


How to create engaging content for your Messenger bot


You must create engaging content for your Messenger chatbot. This will ensure that your customers stay engaged with your content, and make it to your chatbot again. You can create engaging content by using conversation templates. You can use the Chatbot Agency conversation templates for your product categories or common customer support scenarios. You can also write custom messages for specific cases that might arise. With the help of templates and custom messages, it is easy for you to create engaging content for your audiences.


Remember, once a Facebook user has interacted with your Messenger chatbot; they will be added to your Messenger list. Think of it as a built-in CRM. You can use this list to re-target customers who have interacted with your chatbot and break down different demographics of visitors. 


Don't wait - get started with a Chatbot Agency Messenger chatbot today!


Take it from us - the use of Messenger chatbots will become more prevalent in the future. Retailers and brands are turning rapidly to using Messenger bots to boost their online presence and brand engagement. As the chatbot industry continues to grow and adapt to the needs of the masses, even more businesses will be adopting these technologies.


Chatbot Agency chatbots can help you boost engagement with your customers; leading to stronger trust, higher satisfaction, and more sales.