Interactive Content & Messenger Chatbots

Your Messenger Chatbot + Interactive Content = A match made in heaven.


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Did you know our Messenger Chatbots are designed to seamlessly work with the interactive content you post?


Interactive content is important for a few reasons. It gives users the chance to respond back to your brand in real-time; allows users to feel seen & heard as audience members; and can give you fresh insights as a business owner.


Here are our top 4 reasons to create interactive social content for your chatbot:


1. Consistency 


Your content should allow users to actively interact with it on a consistent basis! You can be clever, and use your content to drive customers to engage with it via certain comment commands and buttons! This, if set up correctly, drives users to your Messenger inbox, to interact with your Chatbot and become part of your Messenger list!


2. Targeted Audiences 


Interactive content like polls, competitions and feedback forms can be used to generate data to craft better products or services; and can also drive new leads to your Messenger list. Try building a feedback form in your Chatbot back-end; and then having users access it by commenting “form”, to trigger a response from the Chatbot!


3. CTA's & Sales Funnels


People are more likely to buy from brands that they have repetitively had CTAs from. You can categorise your content and sponsored ads for different customer funnels and stages of the customer journey. 


4. Building Trust & Rapport


Responding to your DMs and comments consistently, as we all know, will help build not only brand awareness but also a level of trust and reliability with your audience. The downside? It can be so time consuming to do so. Thankfully, you can program your bot to respond to DMs for you - and even create comment-to-Messenger funnels! 




Need some help figuring out how to get your content clicking with your Chatbot? Book in a discovery call, and let’s get to it!