Wait - Do I really need a Messenger Chatbot?

Put it this way...


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Sometimes, we can be a little apprehensive about new marketing strategies - and in a world of gimmicks and get-rich-quick schemes, it's understandable. If you're wondering "Do I really need a Messenger Chatbot?", check out the points below to help you see the benefits of Messenger Marketing & Messenger Chatbots for business. 👇


Messenger Chatbots for business help to increase reachability


💬 Customers expect businesses to be reachable on Messenger! According to Meta, amongst people surveyed across four markets who message businesses; over 61% say messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to contact a business. Why is this? Well, it's where customers are already hang out and are most comfortable communicating online. It only makes sense to adjust to this!


Customers are already familiar with Chatbot interactions online - particularly for questions and support


💬 Over 67% of global consumers utilised a chatbot for customer support in 2021. This means your  customers are already getting comfortable with this technology - and you should be too. Who wants to spend hours doubling back through messages in their inbox just to send the same copy and paste message out reptitively? Get your chatbot to do the man-work for you, and keep responses consistent!


There is no need for a coding, development or IT background when you use a no-code platform such as Chatbot Agency


💬 When you use a no-code platform such as the Chatbot Agency platform, chatbots are extremely simple to build, maintain and update! This means there is no need for developers or a tech background. Just set up, build from our templates, and go!


Messenger Chatbots are the cherry on top for Facebook Advertisers


💬 Chatbots are built to go hand-in-hand with Facebook Ads! If you currently use Facebook Ad services, a chatbot is a no-brainer. Working together, chatbots & Facebook Ads can help you to target more new audiences, pull more people into your Messenger list, and convert more leads. We'll be talking a little more about this shortly, so check back soon!



Are you stuck with ways to utilise your Messenger Chatbot to its full potential? Check out our demos, or book a call or training session with us today! 


- Team CA