Why you should be using your chatbot to handle customer support

Ever wondered just how you can use your chatbot to automate customer support? Keep reading!


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"Good customer service always costs less than bad customer service." - Sally Gronow.

Customer service and support is an integral part of running any business. Our customers are our bread and butter - and if not looked after, they will be lost to a competitor who will. As we've discussed recently on the blog, customers are starting to expect business to be available online, and at any time. So how can you use your Messenger Chatbot to make sure your customer support is always available, and always helpful? We're glad you asked!

Program your FAQ into your Messenger Chatbot

A great place to start is to get your chatbot to start handling the more repetitive and common enquiries your business gets through Messenger. The most common way to do this is through displaying a few common questions in your bot - such as opening hours, pricing or bookings. Then you can create quick replies to each of these, so that once the customer presses the question, they are immediately sent a reply. Try adding a follow up message to collect their email or phone number too! You can also create keyword triggers for your most commonly asked questions - then create chatbot replies for each of these keyword triggers!

Give visitors the option to get help there and then, or to request a human

Of course, we know sometimes a visitors needs can be a little more complex - and as we say bots aren't here to replace humans, but instead work alongside them! You can program your Messenger Chatbot to not only give answers to FAQ; but also ask immediately following whether the visitor is satisfied, has another question, or needs to be contacted by a human member of the team for further assistance. If they have another question, you can either ask them to choose from a number of pre-displayed options; or write their question in themself and allow the keywords to trigger your bot reply. If they need to be contacted by a human, simply have your bot ask how they prefer to be contacted and to provide their information! Your bot can then send this information on to your team.

Have your bot recommend products or services based on keywords

Speaking of keywords - your bot can do a lot more than just answer FAQ! Try setting up your bot to ask new visitors to tell them their specific need or issue! Using keyword triggers, you can have your bot recommend certain products or services to visitors after they have answered! 

Chatbots to qualify leads

Spending a lot of time and money on qualifying and vetting leads? Have your Messenger Chatbot do it for you! Simply create a flow of questions for your chatbot to ask visitors once they have confirmed they are interested in a certain service. The answers to these questions will then be created into a form, and sent to your nominated email address! Your chatbot can let visitors know they will hear back from somebody within your recommended timeframe.

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- Team CA